The white marlin arrived Thursday as 360 boats fished on Day 4 of the 2020 White Marlin Open.  In a hectic day at the scales that lasted well past 10 PM, the billfish prize money pool was tapped to the tune of $3,000,000.
When the dust settled, Adam Fye from Pasadena, MD aboard the "Hook and Settle" out of Ocean City, MD weighed a 74-pound white, taking 1st place and currently holds $1,100,000 in winnings.  The “Sea Toy” also from Ocean City, MD with angler Timmy Cullins from Clements, MD, caught a 72.5-pound white worth $1,700,000.00. *  In a 2-way tie for third the "Reel Estate" out of Ocean City, Md and the “Reel Steel” from Mt. Lakes, NJ both weighed a 72-pound white marlin worth $115,000.00 each. 

With 3 fishing days left there are an average of 280 boats per day still eligible to fish which should lead to more exciting weigh-ins through Sunday.  The blue marlin and shark categories are still vacant but that should not last long.  
In the tuna division the 114.5-pound bluefin tuna brought in on Monday by the “Restless Lady,” is still holding onto $900,000.  The “Blue Runner” out of Manasquan, NJ is still holding $395,000 while the “Sword Fish” still has $220,000 in prize money for its 92-pound yellowfin caught Monday. The big move was the 121-pound tuna taken off the “Sentient” out of Slaughter Creek, MD.  The tuna jumped into 1st place with current winnings of $85,000 for Frank Whirley from Cambridge, MD.*

*Why is a second-place fish winning more prize money than the first-place fish in the same category?  The format for the WMO creates tournaments within the tournament.  After a boat registers for the tournament are eligible for $50,000 in prize money.  To greatly increase potential winnings, each boat has an option to enter many different Added Entry Levels (AELs).  Some are aimed at billfish, some are geared for tuna fisherman, and some target other gamefish.  The prize money that is won depends on the specific AELs the boat was registered in. 

To better understand all aspects of the White Marlin Open, click on the WMO Magazine link at the of the home page.  The WMO Magazine has a wealth of information to increase your enjoyment of the tournament including fishing maps, tournament rules, AELs, biographies of the gamefish, fishing techniques, past winners and more.