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Statement Regarding First Place White Marlin Winnings

Today, Friday August 26,  White Marlin Open, Inc. filed a Complaint for Interpleader in the Circuit Court for Worcester County, Maryland.  By doing this the tournament directors seek to have a formal court proceeding in which a judge will determine the issues as to which angler or anglers will receive the prize. 

The White Marlin Open does not share in, or receive any portion of the award, no matter to whom it is awarded, nor does it receive any portion of the money paid into court.  It has no monetary interest in the proceeds of the prize money.

The sole purpose in filing the Interpleader with the Court is to preserve the integrity of the tournament, its rules and awards, and due to the circumstances of the matter at issue, the Directors and the Tournament judges believed that the best way of resolving all controversies was to seek a judicial determination of the matter.  This way, a judge can consider the matter in its entirety and make an official judgment as to the award of the prize.

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