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Boat Details

List of boat details
Boat Name: FinKnocker
Boat Number: 216
Make: Albemarle
Length: 31
Port of Call: Cape May, NJ

Entry Levels

Level T1
Level T2
Level M
Non-Billfish Doubler
Tuna Bonus
Level SBT

Lay Days

8/8/22, 8/9/22


List of owner information
Name: Richard Keczely


List of captain information
Name: Dan Fabbri


List of mate information
Name: James Dugan


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List of anglers
First Name Last Name
Cole Fabbri
David Thornton
Doug Compari
Jamie Sterling
Jim Dugan
Joe Fabbri
Kenny Diamond
Nick Clark
Paul Pettrasso
Richard Keczely


This boat has no reported catches.