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List of boat details
Boat Name: Spring Mix II
Boat Number: 188
Make: Alex Willis
Length: 43ft
Port of Call: Fenwick

Entry Levels

Level A
Level B
Level C
Level D
Level E
Level F
Level T1
Level T2
Level T3
Level M
Level DT
Level BF
Daily Billfish Points
Pay Day
Non-Billfish Doubler
Tuna Bonus

Lay Days

8/9/22, 8/11/22


List of owner information
Name: Paul Lebling


List of captain information
Name: Chris Watkowski


List of mate information
Name: Jacob Bailk


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List of anglers
First Name Last Name
Dan Digus
James Walsh
Micheal Lovalvo
Mike Merollini
Pat Lebling
Paul Lebling
Ryan Jones
Tom Lebling
Tony Merolloni


This boat has no reported catches.