Fishermen Out Class Fish

What you don’t see during the White Marlin Open are the fish that never make the scales. While only 22 boats fished today, and there were changes on the leaderboard, the story so far after the 2nd day of fishing is about the fisherman, not the fish. On Monday, the first fishing day, no marlin were weighed. However, 220 white marlin and 16 blue marlin were caught were released. With well over $7,000,000 dollars still riding on weighed billfish, you would think that at least one angler with visions of a lottery-sized payout would bring a marlin to weigh. On Tuesday, the boats that fished caught and released one white marlin and one blue marlin.

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Tuna Rule Day One

Tuna were the big winners at the weigh-ins on day one of the 50th Annual White Marlin Open. While 378 of the 400 registered boats fished, a lot of billfish were caught but all were released as none looked big enough to weigh. And while over $6 million is still reserved for billfish, the prize money for the weighed tuna was not shabby. Robert Wagner from Blue Bell, PA weighed a 199-pound bigeye tuna to claim first place and is now holding $1,000,000 for the fish that was caught off the Instigator out of Ocean City, MD. The BowDown out of Shark River, NJ weighed a 118-pound bigeye tuna caught by Angelo Ponte from New York, NY. Ponte’s tuna is currently winning $429,000. Nestled in third place with $38,000 is local Philip Houck from Ocean City, MD with a 64.5-pound yellowfin tuna caught off the Skid Row out of Ocean City, MD.

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